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LifeMark Partners celebrates 20 years as an IMO

Brian Anderson

With roots in the life insurance industry extending 40 years, the company evolved from the study group LIFE Inc., formed in 1976. Recognizing the unique need for sales and marketing support to expand and enhance life insurance distribution, LifeMark Partners was formed in 1996 to provide comprehensive service to the brokeragegeneral agency community. Currently, with 37 BGA Partners nationwide and a reach of more than 100,000 affiliated agents and advisors, LifeMark Partners celebrates this milestone through reflection on the past and with an eye towards the future of life insurance distribution.

“With a dedicated focus on improving the distribution of life insurance, we pride ourselves on offering world-class resources to a top-tier group of Partner BGAs, and our longevity and success will always be due to the success of our Partners. We are fortunate to be the company they chose to have as a partner,” said William Shelow, CLU®, ChFC®, CPCU®, LLIF, President and Chief Executive Officer, LifeMark Partners. One of the fundamental forces behind LifeMark Partners’ success has been its continued investment in competitive resources to enhance the distribution of life insurance nationwide. As such, they have focused on three critical initiatives: Access. Expertise. Partnership.


LifeMark Partners enhances access as well as the underwriting process by partnering closely with their 20+ insurance carrier relationships and adds additional resources such as exclusive access to Swiss Re and Hannover Re Underwriting manuals as well as unique reinsurance arrangements and their own Medical Director. This competitive advantage is further enhanced with exclusive large capacity reinsurance access.

“Underwriting support as well as the underwriting process has been a huge focus for LifeMark,“ said Shelow. “Our ultimate goal is to help people of all walks of life get the insurance they need in the most streamlined manner possible.”


LifeMark Partners’ expertise in case design and product support comes from its 40 years of experience within the industry as well as collaboration with industry-leading technology providers, such as LifeTrends. Proprietary policy review tools and advanced business succession and charitable planning strategies, also allows Partners to expand insurance distribution opportunities.


Today, the founding study group philosophy remains evident through the partnership of like-minded BGAs recognized for sharing best practices and growing their agencies together. LifeMark Partners provides Partners and their respective employees and affiliated advisors ongoing and diverse training opportunities throughout the year, as well as opportunity to connect, collaborate and share intellectual capital for effective strategies and continued growth of their agencies.

“While LifeMark Partners has been an industry success story throughout their 20 year history, I am most excited and encouraged with our prospects for the future,” says Mark Rosen, CLU®, Chairman of the Board for LifeMark Partners. “LifeMark is constantly expanding on a truly impressive array of resources and distribution initiatives that will continue to enable partners be proactively positioned for growth and relevance in our constantly-changing marketplace for years to come.”

About LifeMark Partners Inc.: LifeMark Partners exists to leverage partner, carrier and industry resources and expertise to enhance and expand life insurance distribution for the benefit of all stakeholders. As an independent insurance marketing organization, LifeMark Partners is dedicated to the ongoing development and enhancement of BGA Partner resources to provide differentiation from the competition. Partners benefit from some of the most robust service offerings in the market today, including expansive underwriting capabilities, advanced case design support, sales and product benchmarking tools, and turnkey sales and marketing systems. At its core, LifeMark Partners was founded as a study group more than 40 years ago and is celebrating 20 years as a leading IMO. This foundation provides a unique opportunity to form strategic alliances and share best practices for Partners to grow their agencies together through regular training, networking and educational opportunities. With unparalleled partnership, expertise and access to these industry-leading resources, LifeMark Partners provides affiliates “The strength of many. The power of one.” To learn more about the qualifications necessary to become a LifeMark Partner, visitwww.LifeMarkPartners.com or call 410.837.3022.



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