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Most popular discussion threads of 2014

Brian Anderson

Here is a compilation of some of the most popular and active threads that were started on Insurance Forums during 2014 in various forums.

• Health Care Reform Forum: Health Sherpa

This thread started in mid-March, as HealthSherpa launched with its model to simplify and speed-up Obamacare enrollment and Forum members continued to vet it. To date, it has generated about 500 posts and more than 23,000 page views. A similar thread on the Individual Health Insurance Forum is also a big hit.

• Final Expense Forum: Post your daily/weekly numbers

Started for people to post their annualized premium for week, with a goal of motivating and encouraging each other has proven staying power. Since its debut, this thread has drawn more than 575 replies and 32,000 page views, making it the most-viewed thread started in 2014 in the ever-popular Final Expense Forum.

• Senior Insurance Forum: ATT Cancels Retiree Health Plan

This thread is not just about AT&T but also other big companies that have ended their retiree health plans, and how agents are finding them and working to find them the best coverage options. With 250 replies and nearly 20,000 page views, this thread has earned its 5-star rating.

• Life Insurance Forum: Don’t understand life insurance jobs

Explaining the nuts and bolts of commission-based pay, and a whole lot more…

• Long Term Care Insurance Forum: Will this marriage finally be consummated?

Thread started back in May about the merger of leading LTC industry distributions organizations ACSIA and LTC Financial Partners, known now as ACSIA Partners, as well as the merger’s implications.

• Annuities Forum: Another annuity trial

The saga of Alan S. Lewis, a former annuity salesperson in California who was charged with 39 felony counts stemming from sales of indexed annuities with surrender charges. Astonishingly, Lewis spent four months in jail awaiting trial in a case some said could lead to criminalizing surrender charges until a California judge finally dismissed the remaining charges in a July 10 hearing.

• Individual Health Insurance Forum: Gaming the ACA

A consumer looking to beat the system finds very little support on the forum.

• P&C Insurance Forum: Why ask for two leads at closing; Ask for 130

A method for using Facebook to ask for referrals and generate leads started this thread back in early June.



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