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QuoteWizard introduces marketing division, launches WizardCalls for pre-qualified incoming calls

Brian Anderson

SEATTLE – QuoteWizard, an online insurance comparison marketplace, on Oct. 13 introduced QuoteWizard Marketing, a new company division dedicated exclusively to serving QuoteWizard’s 8,000 insurance agents in all 50 states. QuoteWizard Marketing was established to help agents, carriers, and industry professionals reach new, high-intent consumers who are actively searching for insurance online.

The new division is part of QuoteWizard’s diversification from a company with one main product (leads) serving the auto and home insurance industries to three products (leads, clicks, calls) and four industries (auto, home, life, health). The original QuoteWizard brand and Website will remain focused on providing a free, high-quality insurance comparison service for millions of consumers who visit QuoteWizard.com each month.

As the first QuoteWizard Marketing product, the company also announced the launch of WizardCalls, a technology platform designed to bring highly qualified consumer telephone calls directly to its network of insurance agents nationwide.

WizardCalls technology collects, verifies, and delivers interested consumers across the US who are searching online for insurance and want to be contacted by phone in real time. The technology is backed by a call center which continuously monitors the quality of each lead transfer to ensure agents connect with the highest-intent insurance shoppers. As part of the process:

  • Insurance agents select criteria to narrow their incoming calls, such as insurance products, risk types, availability, geographic filters, and other advanced targeting options;
  • QuoteWizard collects high-intent insurance applications from consumers actively searching for insurance rate quotes who indicate specifically that they want to be connected to an agent by phone;
  • QuoteWizard verifies each new lead’s intent to ensure each contact matches agents’ filter requirements before transferring to the agents;
  • Agents choose to accept or decline any live caller that is transferred to them through an automated message option before connecting with leads at their highest point of interest;
  • Agents can measure success by tracking call and customer details, review previous call recordings, all from within the QuoteWizard Agent Administration system.

“QuoteWizard has evolved to where we believe it will be more efficient to dedicate individual divisions to our core consumer and agent customers, respectively,” said Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski, QuoteWizard VP of Product and Marketing. “We are pleased to launch WizardCalls technology to help our agents connect to consumers at their highest point of interest. At the most basic level, this powerful new offering enables our agents to be in contact with consumers who have expressed interest in speaking directly to them over the phone. As part of QuoteWizard Marketing, we expect more changes and product introductions in the future.”

About QuoteWizard: QuoteWizard is an insurance comparison marketplace for consumers looking to save on insurance. QuoteWizard provides consumers with direct access to thousands of qualified agents in all 50 states, as well as major carriers, who offer personalized quotes and the opportunity to save up to 40% on auto, home, health, and life insurance. Agents and carriers, in turn, benefit from millions of highly qualified leads, calls and traffic to their site. Based in Seattle, QuoteWizard was founded in 2006.



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