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What you need to know about Advanced Rendering: White Paper

Brian Anderson

Advanced Rendering.

No, it’s not the praise you might give to a really good police sketch artist.

Advanced Rendering enables financial services organizations to improve their content management processes by transforming all different kinds of content from multiple sources into high-fidelity PDFs, making content consistent and easy to find and search across an entire organization. It turns content into a true business advantage.

Because the amount of content is increasing exponentially, the need for digitally archiving data is also increasing, partly due to government and regulatory body rules, and partly due to the inefficacies of archiving documents in print.

While meeting document compliance standards is becoming more and more of a necessity, organizations also need quick access to information and the ability to collaborate among business units. With so much non-standard, multi-source content being created both internally and externally, what is the best way to standardize it? This is where the PDF file format comes in. Advanced Rendering automates the process of document-to-PDF conversion to ensure high-fidelity content is created consistently across the organization, and is efficient, compliant and secure.

Companies that take advantage of Advanced Rendering stand to gain some key competitive advantages:

  • Estimators, claims processors and adjustors can find existing data quicker to speed up workflow and produce better results and experience for customers by using an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature to make data searchable
  • Organizations can better meet client demands for online account access, immediate claims processing, improved communications and mobile device access with automatically converted PDF documents

To learn more, click this link to gain immediate access to a free White Paper provided by Adlib: Solving the Document Dilemma: Enterprise-grade Advanced Rendering for Financial Services

• Editor’s Note: Brief contact information is required to access the White Paper

The White Paper explores Advanced Rendering as the next-generation solution for document-to-PDF conversion and capture. Specifically, it provides insight on key considerations that many Financial Services organizations need to evaluate when considering Advanced Rendering, and how it can help increase their business process efficiency across the whole enterprise.



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