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The Future of Individual Health Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

Now that Obamacare is well on its way toward implementation, agents have been speculating on the idea of selling individual health insurance.  While some say that the current transitional atmosphere will provide ample opportunities for individual producers, others seem to be saying “get out and get out now.”

Some experienced agents in the forum advised that the development of Obamacare signaled the prudence of a shift in focus.  For these agents, individual insurance requires a more intensive skillset and focus than it did previously.   One agent noted, “You will need a web presence, patience, experience and understanding to survive in a ‘health insurance only’ mindset.”

Ray Collins, licensed New York broker, maintained that for brokers, PPACA will be a roll of the dice.  He said, “Best case scenario, navigators/IPA’s CAN’T enroll, just direct business to brokers.  Worst case scenario (and most likely), carriers don’t offer commission. We here in New York have already seen the big names cut commissions by 25%+ across the board, and to 0% on a bunch of very popular programs.”  If carriers do not take on pre-Obamacare commissions, roadblocks will be erected for agents trying to make money.  Some states might also be better for brokers than others.

It will be interesting to see, in this shifting market, what abilities, tactics, and individuals thrive.  What do you think?



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