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Replacing Day Planners With Tablets

Insurance Forums Staff

Is it time to chuck the old-school pen and paper system in favor of a tech upgrade?  Our forum members weighed in on the benefits of doing so.  Our original poster noted that he saw advantages to the all-inclusive capabilities and size of the wireless tablet, including CRM and calendar apps to running quotes and doing applications from one device.

Members of the old guard noted that they had tried to switch multiple times, had used Microsoft Outlook, and had also attempted using software like Salesforce.com, but couldn’t find a system they liked better than the day planner.   Other agents use the Google apps calendar, which can synch to a phone, tablet, and computer automatically, and send e-mail invites to assistants to help minimize scheduling snafus.

Plenty of other advice was doled out surrounding the pros and cons of technologically upgrading your practice.  Are you up to speed?  Find out here and get in on the discussion.  



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