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I Hate My Health Insurance Sales Job!

Insurance Forums Staff

It happens to the best of us – a producer recently came to the forum to tell us that he hates his job.  A former captive life and accident insurance salesman, he recently switched to selling health as an independent broker.  Two months in, he is ready to throw in the towel, because in this economy, he’s having trouble finding clients who want to spend money on an increasingly expensive product.  He said, “I feel like I might as well be selling cars or houses; at least people will see something for the money they’re spending.” He sought advice from some more seasoned health producers.

Forum members weren’t all in agreement on this subject.  For some, they suggested an immediate exit from the market.  One producer noted, “If you hate selling it, then do something else for sure. Life’s too short!”  Others offered up the advice that it’s better to have a steady job and sell on weekends and evenings; that way, there’s a safety net for failure.  One agent cautioned, “I left a steady captive job with AARP and I’m not sure it was worth it now that I have to sit through training online for AHIP, etc.”

Others were more optimistic about the health market.  One agent, formerly a captive with Prudential for a decade, noted that that experience was good for training and discipline, but that the captive environment was too restrictive.  The producer further noted that in this environment, it’s easier to sell health than it was six months ago: “No health questions, and federal law says that everyone has to have it.  Can’t get much easier than that!”

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