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The Name Game – What Do You Call Yourself?

Insurance Forums Staff

How do you explain your job title?  An experienced producer and forum member asked the community how they refer to themselves, both with clients and to the outside world in general.  As a ChFC holder, he refers to himself as a “chartered financial consultant”, while still maintaining life and health agent credentials.  However, without such a designation, what do producers choose to call themselves, and how does it impact their business?

Some forum members said they’ve been convinced not to be straightforward about the name game. “I used to be honest and just call myself an insurance agent.  But others on the forum have convinced me to forget my ethics and call myself a ‘field underwriter.’”

Others noted that it varies in certain cases – on a business card, one individual has a “producer” designation,  but in conversation, he will use “agent.”  Others use “insurance broker” or “exit planner.”
One agent even told us, “I use broker. Sometimes I am broker than others, such as when Obamacare takes away my commissions.”

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