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To Be An Expert, or Jack-of-All-Trades?

Insurance Forums Staff

For someone looking to grow his or her practice, is the best way to dive in by developing an expertise?  Or, in such a competitive environment, is it better to have a knowledge of a wide array of products, in order to appeal to a winder audience?  One agent came to the forum to ask about where the potential for lucrative sales may be.  With so many products out there, from annuities to life to FE to health to auto, it can be intimidating knowing where to start.

Luckily, forum members had some advice on this subject.  One noted, “FE is very profitable, but why limit yourself?  If you can cross-sell to another product, you’ll earn a client for life, not just a customer.  Learn one product at a time, get good at it, and cross-sell for success.”

What do you think about where to develop one’s expertise?  Tell us here.  



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