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IMO launches multi-channel, budget-based lead platform for producers

Insurance Forums Staff

Insurance marketing organization (IMO) Advisors Ignite USA launched a new, multi-channel consumer lead platform designed to help insurance and financial professionals generate new business at the right price.

Downers Grove, Ill.-based Advisors Ignite USA (AIUSA), led by two insurance industry veterans, Steve DeJohn and Mike Dressander, says it is the first IMO in the insurance industry to feature a budget-based lead pipeline through 4 different levels:

  • No budget: Weekly pre-set telemarketing appointments
  • Low budget: Facebook leads
  • Medium budget: Tax Free Retirement Seminar
  • Strong budget: College Educational Workshops

In an Oct. 4 statement announcing the addition, AIUSA said it offers a comprehensive selection of exclusive products and marketing programs DeJohn used over 15 years to generate $300 million in personal production, and which are now available on the platform.

Producers also gain access to a robust sales software that compares over 2,000 different options for both accumulation and income.

Finally, AIUSA’s back-office support team, led by Dressander (former owner of Dressander & Associates, a $15 billion IMO over 35 years), provides an atmosphere he says resonates amongst producers.

“I’m excited to launch the AIUSA platform,” Dressander says. “Producers are getting the best of the best: from the front-end to the back-office with a family-like atmosphere that focuses on each producer’s needs.”

DeJohn says the No. 1 problem all agent-advisors face is not having enough prospects to see week in and week out.

“At AIUSA we have taken it to the next level in providing marketing synergy and successful marketing options rarely found these days in the industry,” DeJohn says.

Advisor Jeff A., from Las Vegas, an end-user of the AIUSA program said, “I was able to turn an AIUSA lead into a $160,000 annuity using their exclusive Facebook-driven lead program. At the end of the day, incredible value at minimal cost.”

For more information, visit www.advisorsigniteusa.com.



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