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LIMRA adds an InsurTech panel to its annual conference lineup

Brian Anderson

LIMRA recently announced that it will host an InsurTech Panel at its 2018 Annual Conference, which will be held Oct. 28-30, in New York City.

The session, titled Leveraging Disruptive Technology to Gain Relevance, will feature top start-up company executives as part of a “demo day.” Four executives from three different companies will demonstrate their innovative ideas for the industry:

  • Shona Cotterill, Boundlss
  • Gary Hoberman, Unqork
  • Maria Miller, Life by Spot
  • Matt Randall, Life by Spot

Following the demonstrations, attendees will hear a discussion from a panel of experts, who are investing and helping to generate solutions for the future of the life insurance industry:

  • Saeed Amidi, CEO, Plug and Play
  • JJ Carroll, head of new solutions group and senior vice president, Swiss Re
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald, founder and CEO, PolicyGenius
  • Jay Weintraub, CEO, InsurTech Connect

The insurtech sector of the industry has been rapidly growing. According to CB Insights, there was $2.3 billion invested in insurtech startups in 2017.

“Conference attendees will hear from a panel of the best and brightest innovation leaders today,” said Jim Kerley, chief membership officer, LIMRA and LOMA. “Our industry is using amazing new ideas from technology-based start-ups to make life insurance relevant to consumers today.”

The LIMRA Annual Conference is one of the largest gatherings of executives representing all sectors of the financial services industry. The annual conference agenda is designed to offer attendees insights into the latest industry trends that could foretell future opportunities in the U.S. and worldwide.

The theme of this year’s conference, “Reclaiming Relevance: Now is the Time!” intends to provide solutions to how insurers and financial services companies can convey their relevance to consumers in a world where people are flooded with information from the media, financial pundits, and even friends and family via social media.

The conference will address questions such as how to identify the new risks in society, how to find solutions to mitigate those risks, and how to overcome a tendency to follow the crowd with innovation, and instead focus on future success by meeting the needs of our consumers.

Sessions will provide strategies to help better communicate the industry’s relevance to consumers. The program will feature forward-thinking executives from diverse industries who will discuss key strategies in areas that will influence the future of our industry and the markets served, including: distribution/marketing, regulations/tax reform, digital/technology, and strategic issues.

In addition to the insurtech panel, the list of speakers includes:

  • Simon Sinek, optimist and bestselling author
  • Platon, award-winning photographer and master story teller
  • Kat Cole, North America chief operating officer and president, FOCUS Brands
Simon Sinek, Platon and Kat Cole

Sinek is an author, teacher, worldwide public speaker and most notably: an unshakable optimist. He is known for teaching leaders and organizations how to inspire people. Sinek has multiple bestselling books including Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better and Find Your Why. His first TED talk, based on Start With Why, is the third most-viewed TED video of all time.

Platon is a master storyteller, communicator, and award-winning photographer who is known for his portraits of many presidents and well known world figures. He has produced over 20 covers for TIME magazine and has shot portraits for a range of international publications including Rolling Stone, The New York Times magazine, Vanity Fair, Esquire, British Vogue and more. His work has also been exhibited in galleries and museums both domestically and abroad.

As chief operating officer and president of North America, Cole is responsible for leading the company’s six domestic franchise brands and overseeing FOCUS Brands’ licensing division, building revenues and profits through global licensing, manufacturing, and ecommerce. Her personal journey, business approach and perspectives on leadership have been the subject of feature articles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes and many other business, trade and interest publications.

This year’s event also marks a very special occasion for the industry: the retirement of Robert A. Kerzner, President and CEO of LIMRA, LOMA, and LL Global, Inc. Bob Kerzner has been a leading voice in the life insurance, retirement, and financial services industry, and his contributions and accomplishments will be celebrated.

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.limra.com/annual/.



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