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Zenith Marketing Group partners with Ash Brokerage

Insurance Forums Staff

Zenith Marketing Group, a full service insurance brokerage agency based in Freehold, N.J., is joining Ash Brokerage, the largest privately held insurance brokerage in the United States, the companies announced recently.

Leaders say the acquisition deal comes as a result of a long-standing relationship between the two firms, and they are excited for the opportunities ahead.

“Ash and Zenith are two like-minded, growth-oriented organizations, and we believe our combined reputations will make us a formidable influence in the industry,” said Mike Gorlick, President and CEO of Zenith Marketing Group. “With access to Ash’s enhanced resources, our advisors and employees will see greater opportunities and be a in better position for the future. In this case, one plus one clearly equals three.”

Gorlick added that Zenith is excited to share its strengths and successes in the independent marketplace with Ash Brokerage to best leverage the increased size of the combined organizations.

Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage, echoed those sentiments.

“We’re extremely proud to partner with the team at Zenith, who is well respected in the insurance industry and share our core values and culture,” Ash said. “Our scale, infrastructure and technology will give their team even more opportunities to help advisors and their clients with risk management solutions. With the Ash platform, we have no doubt Zenith will continue to thrive and reach new levels of success.”

Jim Ash, the founder of Ash Brokerage, added, “We’ve known the people at Zenith for many years, and we’re excited to take the next steps to deepen our relationship. Together, we’ll continue our commitment to be a positive force in the insurance industry.”

The acquisition became final on March 31. Zenith Marketing Group will continue operating under the same name and its management, corporate structure, and much of its day-to-day operations will be unchanged. However, the firm and its clients will have access to Ash Brokerage’s tools and business strategies, including enhanced technology for compliance and security in the wake of regulatory and marketplace demands.

This acquisition is the first since Ash Brokerage announced its partnership with Century Equity Partners in 2017. Ash Brokerage is seeking additional opportunities for mergers and acquisitions with successful firms.

“Our commitment to our people and the industry is demonstrated through responsible growth, both organically and through strategic mergers and acquisitions such as Zenith Marketing Group,” Tim Ash said.

About Ash Brokerage: Ash Brokerage is a brokerage general agency based in Fort Wayne, Ind., answering the needs of financial professionals nationwide with the tools and people to support life insurance, annuities, long-term care or disability income sales for more than 45 years.

About Zenith Marketing Group: Zenith Marketing Group has been helping producers grow their practices since 1995. With extensive experience in insurance and retirement products and unparalleled sales support, as well as a strong commitment to customer service, Zenith takes pride in delivering the entire spectrum of tools necessary to assist independent insurance professionals in achieving outstanding results.



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