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Retirable, eHealth Partner to Combine Retirement Planning, Tailored Medicare and Health Insurance Solutions

Insurance Forums Staff

Retirable, a NYC-based retirement peace of mind platform, on Feb. 20 announced a strategic partnership with eHealth, a pioneer in health insurance solutions, to provide comprehensive support for seniors by combining retirement planning expertise with tailored Medicare and health insurance solutions.

As the American population ages, the intersection of health and wealth becomes increasingly critical. Retirable recognizes the unique challenges faced by seniors as they navigate both retirement planning and healthcare decisions—and the importance of understanding how they impact each other.

By partnering with eHealth, a company known for its innovative approach to health insurance, the joint effort aims to empower seniors with integrated solutions and comprehensive support to make informed choices that positively impact their financial and physical well-being.

In its new partnership, Retirable said it is firmly committing to enhance the lives of seniors by addressing the dual challenges of retirement planning and healthcare. This partnership marks a significant step forward in creating a more integrated and supportive ecosystem for a population that is often overlooked by legacy solutions.

“We are excited about the direct impact of this partnership on the lives of seniors,” said Tyler End, CFP, CEO & Co-Founder at Retirable. “By combining Retirable’s expertise in retirement peace of mind with eHealth’s innovative health insurance solutions, we aim to empower seniors to make informed decisions that lead to better health and financial outcomes—furthering our mission to empower a confident, worry-free retirement for everyone.”

Key elements of the partnership include:

Integrated Health and Wealth Assessments: Retirable and eHealth aim to develop a seamless integration of retirement planning tools and health insurance assessments. This comprehensive approach will enable seniors to consider both financial and health-related factors when making crucial decisions about their future.

Educational Resources: The partnership will produce a wealth of educational content, including webinars, articles, and interactive tools, designed to inform seniors about the intersection of health and wealth. Empowering seniors with knowledge is a core aspect of the collaboration’s mission.

Specialized Solutions: Together, Retirable and eHealth will create specialized packages that address the unique needs of seniors. These offerings will include retirement planning guidance, health insurance options, and support for navigating Medicare and other related programs.

Enhanced Support: The partnership will implement dedicated customer support trained to bridge the gap between retirement wealth management and health insurance needs. This personalized approach aims to simplify the decision-making process and provide seniors with the support they need.

“Financial security and healthcare security are both tremendously important to American seniors, and in fact, it’s hard to have one without the other,” said eHealth CEO and Director, Fran Soistman. “That’s why partnering with Retirable is such a natural fit for eHealth. Together we can work more effectively to ensure that Medicare beneficiaries receive the comprehensive support they need to tackle the complexities of retirement.”

The Retirable and eHealth partnership signals a new era in addressing the complete needs of seniors, emphasizing the importance of both health and wealth in achieving a fulfilling retirement.



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