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The Best and Worst Med Supp Apps

Insurance Forums Staff

Completing Medicare supp apps has long been a painful process for med supp producers. Each company has their own form, and compliance can cause administrative headaches as no two systems are exactly alike.  Several carriers have come up with electronic apps to help streamline this process.  Agents in our forum shared their thoughts regarding the best and worst e-applications out there.

Many agents noted that Heartland’s e-app was simple to use – everything can be done over the phone and Heartland handles all of the registrations that would normally be a headache for agents.  Another agent noted that while Cigna’s platform has a few redundancies, it is also quite easy to use – agents fill out an application and then do a phone interview as part of the process.

One agent noted that Equitable and Heartland would have better luck if they did not require a replacement form.  He noted that New Era and Philly American had the best e-applications.  As technology continues to influence the insurance industry, these system will likely improve and become ubiquitous.

Which e-apps have you used? What do you think of them?  Tell us here.



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