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Top threads started in 2015

Brian Anderson

This being the last newsletter of the year means it’s time to feature some of the most popular threads of the year in the biggest forums.

Our simple criteria for selecting these as “most popular” was that they were, A) started in 2015, and B) generated more views than any other thread in that forum this year.


• Obamacare and the ongoing and ever-emerging issues it has created is a never-ending source of fodder for the Health Care Reform Forum. The thread, “Health Sherpa 2016 Open Enrollment,” has been going strong since mid-July and provides tons of info about working with WBEs and many issues that have emerged leading up to and into open enrollment. Close to 50,000 views and nearly 900 posts mean this thread has helped many navigate some troubled waters.

• There’s never any shortage of long, interesting, often hilarious threads in the Final Expense Forum, but strictly by the numbers this year it was this one: Shannon/Americo/EFES debacle. It generated 12,685 views and 247 posts in less than a two-weeks period in May.

• The most popular thread started this year in the General Insurance Agent Discussions forum was a heartfelt call to action to help out one of our own in Mark Rosenthal….A Forum Friend…. Mark’s battle with MS and his efforts to raise enough money to travel out of the country to receive a potentially life-saving treatment are well documented in this thread, which also offers lots of support spiritually and financially. Updates are provided acknowledging that forum members have contributed thousands toward the $50,000 goal, but there is more work to be done here… Please visit this thread to learn more and learn how you can help.

• In the Senior Insurance Forum, despite only 15 posts, the thread “Darn Aetna, You Ruined My Plans!” edged out “What Med Supp Would You Buy For Yourself?” as the most-viewed thread started in 2015. But for more interesting reading, you may want to check out the latter.

• The most-viewed thread started this year in the P&C Insurance Forum, “State Farm Agents on the AA05 Contract,” centered on an agent seeking feedback on whether it’s worth it or not to accept the responsibilities and liabilities of taking over a traditional assignment of roughly 1,600 cars and 1,200 fire policies, which evolves into a good debate on indy vs. captive.

Of course there were a ton of other great threads across many of the forums worthy of mention that didn’t fit the criteria here, but strictly by views, these were the top new ones started this year. Happy reading and Happy New Year!




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