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3 tips to skyrocket your insurance sales performance

Dr. Jack Singer

Matt is a sales manager in an insurance brokerage firm. Besides making sure that his salespeople can answer client questions about their products, Matt trains them how to identify solutions and products that will help clients attain their goals, and how to close a deal.

But Matt is befuddled at the poor sales success rates of his sales professionals. Traditional sales training techniques teach the skill set for selling insurance, but ignores the biggest obstacle to sales success: Developing the mindset that drives the skillset. Every world-class athlete understands that they need to focus on their mindset, as well as their technique, physical talent and skillset, in order to maximize their performance, consistently.

Here are 3 tips that you can use help you develop a game-changing mindset for sales success:

1. Understand and embrace the ‘5 Critical Emotional Concerns of Every Prospect’

Research consistently shows that within the first 10 seconds of meeting with a potential client, they like you or they don’t. How do you get a stranger to like you in less than 10 seconds?

Practice smiling in front of a mirror until you memorize the muscles in your face that contract to give you your best smile and then practice smiling spontaneously everywhere you go. It makes you appear kind and non-threatening.

Embrace and conscientiously practice keeping these 5 core emotional concerns of every prospect in your conscious awareness:

To feel understood
To feel appreciated
To be given the benefit of the doubt
To be treated with respect
To have the freedom to choose and decide what is best for him/her
In order to embrace these core emotional concerns, you must ask questions about what keeps this person awake at night, what he/she is proud of in his life, what her goals are, etc. Remember, the initial conversation is all about THE CLIENT, not about you, how great you are and how you are going to solve all of their problems with your insurance product.

Practice “Active Empathic Listening” techniques (look it up), in order to help the client to feel understood and respected.

2. Understand the warning signs of your “Internal Critic” at work

Self-limiting, negative and pessimistic thoughts (self-talk) inhibit your success. Examples are:

• “What if…”

• “I hope I don’t…”

• “I should have said…”

• “The client won’t like me if…”

• “I always have problems with…”

• “I probably won’t be able to close this sale…”

• “I can’t believe how stupid I was to say that…”

Negative, messages that pass through your mind immediately lead to muscle tightening, rapid breathing, and perspiring. These physiological responses are perceived as “stress.”

When negative thoughts go through your mind, make a fist (out of view of the prospective client) to remind you to stop thinking that way. Take a few breaths, relax, and think positively and optimistically. What you believe, you can achieve. Internal self-talk leads to beliefs (positive or negative), and beliefs lead to reactions. You need to believe in your products and in your ability to show customers why it would be in their best interest to purchase that product today. Once you believe in yourself and your products, you are in a much better position to achieve sales success.

3. Give yourself positive affirmations

Start thinking optimistic thoughts about your sales success, as if it’s happening today. When you give yourself positive affirmations and imagine that these things are happening right now, your subconscious mind buys into it.

Here are examples:

  • “I know my products and once I understand this prospect’s needs and fears, I will find the perfect product to put him at ease”
  • “I know how to treat people so they will be open to my suggestions”
  • “My self-confidence as a salesperson grows each day”
  • “I see myself breaking sales records each month”

Write down 10 positive affirmations on sticky notes, pin them to your mirror where you get dressed in the morning, on your car’s dashboard, on your computer at work, etc. Recite each one 10 times in the morning and 10 times in the evening, breathing slowly and visualizing the each affirmation as if it is happening right now.

By focusing on these three key elements of your mindset… understanding and embracing the 5 critical core emotional concerns of prospects (and people in general), recognizing the warning signs of your “internal critic,” and consistently giving yourself positive, healthy affirmations, you will definitely maximize your sales success, consistently.

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Dr. Jack Singer is a Professional Sport Psychologist, speaker, consultant and “Success Acceleration” Mentor for producers. He is the author of “The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide.” To get every day started in the right direction, regardless of your challenges, here is a link for a free download of “Dr. Jack’s 5 Step Mental Toughness Routine” that is used by professional, world and Olympic champions:http://ccb.li/5StepTough. To learn more about Dr. Jack’s keynote speaking, his mentoring services for producers and his unique, referral-generating program for your next Client Event, contact Jack at:[email protected], call him at 949-510-5660 for a FREE consultation and read more athttp://www.advisingtheadvisors.com. You can order your copy of “The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide,” using this link http://www.advisingtheadvisors.com/financial-advisors-ultimate-stress-mastery-guide/ or contact Dr. Jack directly at 949-510-5660.



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