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Renters Insurance – Do Doorhangers Yield Results?

Insurance Forums Staff

Most of the rent-payers that I know do not have rental insurance.  In many cases, I don’t even think they’re aware that renters insurance exists.  Rental situations are often temporary, and housing insurance can feel like a permanent solution that can be put off until an individual starts paying a mortgage and the cost of damages and accidents cannot be defrayed onto a landlord.   That said, sometimes convincing people to buy renters’ insurance requirements creativity.

Experts in renters insurance suggested doorhangers as one way to make people aware of their options and how helpful renters insurance can be.  One agent said, “I don’t think most people know how reasonable renters insurance is, and my guess is that they would buy it if they did.”  Additionally, selling someone such a reasonable insurance option makes a great entree into developing a relationship for other types of insurance sales.

Some agents divulged that they hadn’t had much luck with doorhangers.  “Nobody thinks, ‘Hey, I need to call about renters insurance today!’  I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t happen.  If they see a flyer, they will likely bring it in, set it down, then forget about it, even if they think it’s a good idea”, one agent told us.  He suggested marketing renters insurance directly to the apartment building management office as a more effective alternative.

What other methods have worked for you?  Let us know here.  



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