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Earning a Living Selling P&C Insurance

Insurance Forums Staff

One newbie agent asked the forum’s experienced producers how they make great money in P&C, especially in their first year.  The poster was worried after hearing over and over again that it can take years to make an actual living off of P&C.  Our forum’s agents divulged some advice that they’ve learned through years of experience.

Many agents agreed that the key to success in P & C is targeted marketing.  One agent noted, “find the sweet spot for what you can sell.  With P&C, you can target property, E&O, transportation, etc.  Go after every title agent in your area – do not rely on people coming to you.”

Overall, forum members advised that P&C is a business in which you get rich slowly.  So while no magic trick is required to achieve success, one should constantly and consistently keep growing his or her books.  Agents advised setting high goals and tracking numbers.  One agent suggested 8 personal lines policies a week as a good target.  Other agents also agreed that focusing on commercial, with its large premiums, is a great area to hone in on.  Find more advice in this thread about making money off of P&C right here.



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