2024 Resolutions/Goals/Thoughts/Hopes

Wino is catching up to me. Right now I am working at a tropical island. That picture is me though I am fatter in reality. I am 12 hours ahead of Boston time so it is dark here. AC is blasting. I will be here until winter is over in the North East. The only issue I have working from Asia is when the work is over, its breakfast time here. Vodka Martini with omelette is a little odd. I usually sleep in the mornings here and when I wake up, $6 massage girl is amazing and addictive. I will have withdrawal syndromes in the spring.

Not sure which direction I am going. Sometimes I think I am done working. Then I get a contact from a client or referral. Some I just refer out, but others I just don't feel comfortable abandoning. Sounds silly I know. Well, the money helps also :) It is harder to stop than I thought.

I think I am going to go back to just cherry picking from my book and loosely setting a minimum premium. Especially if I have to put long pants on and go out to see them.

Setting up in seaside hotels and listening and dancing to live music by night. = Goals.
Went out to pay my license fee and it just wasn't working in the system. Called the IL Department of Insurance only to find out that I was year early!!!

Does Illinois allow you to carry over any to the next CE cycle? Some states do, some dont. Even if they dont, you are now much, much smarter & safer to the public consumers because you completed CE