2024 Resolutions/Goals/Thoughts/Hopes

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Hey all! Wondering through my thoughts for 2024 and thought I might invite others to share.

My 2023 was packed full and overflowing... and not with business. Didn't think I could get much lazier than 2022... boy was I wrong. :wideeyed: I think I'm still classified as an Insurance Producer.

How crazy has it been... I thought I needed to complete all my CE and Ethics this year, so amongst all the craziness of life (cause I wasn't doing much business), I slammed those into the schedule and finished them. Went out to pay my license fee and it just wasn't working in the system. Called the IL Department of Insurance only to find out that I was year early!!!:shocked::wacko: I had a quick laugh with the lady on the phone... I'm sure she put a note in the system that I'm a person of interest. :laugh:

As a family we packed more into the last 4 months than in any other time in our lives. I'm setting down to do some goal planning for 2024, while trying to make the shift back to the real world and business. Thinking how blessed I am to sit on my butt for as long as I have... now it's time to get back to meeting Mildred and flicking bed bugs and flees off my pants leg. ;)
Wino is catching up to me. Right now I am working at a tropical island. That picture is me though I am fatter in reality. I am 12 hours ahead of Boston time so it is dark here. AC is blasting. I will be here until winter is over in the North East. The only issue I have working from Asia is when the work is over, its breakfast time here. Vodka Martini with omelette is a little odd. I usually sleep in the mornings here and when I wake up, $6 massage girl is amazing and addictive. I will have withdrawal syndromes in the spring.