The Professionals' Forum 2024 | Feb 28, 29, and Mar 1

@Markthebroker and @Al3x Lee should not go to your show! One will pull up in a Delorean and claim the show for himself as the Insurance emperor and the other has a weird arm.

Weird arms are welcome. Davids own graphic seems to show Mr Love missing a finger, an oversized hand that he is saying "If that @Markthebroker shows up here, I am going to reach down & grab him & crush his cape wearing manhood" 1706738222532.png
now I am starting to think @Markthebroker is much older than he says he is or dyes his avatar hair.

These 2 have the exact same posture & stance.

Left hand held 100% exactly the same. Right hand merely flipped over to illustrate grabbing the California Insurance commissioner by the Theyhood