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I know... this group isn't always fond of attending conferences... but in my highly biased opinion, if you're working in the middle income market or higher... this is the MUST-ATTEND INDUSTRY EVENT!

Speakers this year include:
  • Arwen Becker
  • Wendy Feldman, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CLTC
  • Van Mueller, LUTCF, LACP
  • Jim Ruta
  • Thomas Love
  • Sandy Schussel
  • George Sigurdson
  • Turner Thompson

    and (get this)

  • ME!!! David Kinder, RFC, ChFC, CLU!!!
That's right! This is my industry speaking debut!

I, and the other speakers, gave a preview of what we'll talk about. You can watch mine here:

In my admittedly highly biased opinion, you don't want to miss this!

Learn more, get your tickets, and book your room here:
Um... let me think... I know we'll take your money! LOL!

Van Mueller used to say that he was a dirtball, but he's a featured speaker as well.

I interviewed Tom Love about 3 weeks ago about all the speakers and what one can expect to experience by attending:

Let's be honest, are any of the P&C agents very 'professional'?

Also, can we be sure that @Markthebroker is actually an insurance agent? He says a lot of questionable things
How dare you question me!!!

You should see me right now. I'm at my desk insurancing so hard, anyone that see's me would be impressed.

I just insuranced an ice cream shop, and if anything happens to them, I'll indemnify them like nobody's business!
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