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The Professionals' Forum 2024 | Feb 28, 29, and Mar 1

Thank God, the Ethnically diverse and inclusive version of Mark has shown up. Everyone check your privilege.
Did @Al3x Lee show up? Let me ask it this way. Did a guy pull up in a DeLorean on stage and proclaim to be the emperor of Insurance? Was there a peculiar little man walking around in a Cape - @Markthebroker
Nope. Biggest no-show in the history of industry events.

Sorry to disappoint but UHHH @Markthebroker and I are planning our OWN Professionals forum. There will be a Delorean and a peculiar little man walking around in a cape. There will of course be talk of ACV, and the dire condition of the insurance market. Also, a podium center stage. Preferably made of wood so Mark can bang his little hand on it loudly while he shouts his words of wisdom and Professionalism
Some pics from The Professionals' Forum 2024:


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More pics from this year's Professionals' Forum:


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