A Question for the Seasoned Veterans


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To all the Seasoned Veterans,

What would you consider to be your most succesful marketing channel over the years. I'm not looking for something specific and detailed (I understand the competive market and the importance of trade secrets), mainly something more general (i.e. direct mailings, telemarketing, seminar, internet lead generation, client referral, etc). I'm looking for the one channel that has given you the highest ROI.
I'm sorry TX, but what was your preferred lead source again?;)
I think he said "and lastly..." but by my count he named 4 sources. Don't exactly know where that "lastly" is but if it works, who am I to question.

My preferred lead source is to rest on my laurels and hope the government doesn't put me out of the health insurance business.

Seriously, I have been taking some time contacting the office managers for physician offices in the hopes of helping their clients. It does work reasonably well.