AARP Med Supp GI commission question


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I came across this prospect who is 66 and on EGHP paying $1,100/mo. She said that she just recently received her Part B (3-1-22 effective).
She is past the 6 months for Part B open enrollment, but would qualify for leaving EGHP.
I thought it was safe to put her on an MAPD PPO,, but then mentioned that she flies to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn for a battery of annual preventative maintenance treatments. Ugh.

I then switched gears to Med Supp Plan G with Underwriting She doesn’t see any specialists, but was prescribed ELIQUIS by her PCP. She doesn’t have any major conditions (so she claims). She says that Eliquis is “preventative”

One of the UW questions is if she has employer coverage that will end? I marked it YES.
IF she passes UW with all of the questions answered , would I qualify for Full Commission OR $40 (GI rate) assuming that she could not pass UW?
Either way I’ll do what she needs, but it would be swell to get comped for the 2 hours that I spent with her.