ACA IMO Legit or Concerning?

Jay Dozier

New Member
Sorry, this is long!

I posted a similar question in another forum but after 150+ views only got 1 reply and that was from another newbie wondering about the answer.

I have been talking to an IMO for a couple of weeks and after getting my license, FFM, E&O, etc...was ready to sign the paperwork to get started with them as an independent agent.

I followed the link that was sent to do the contracting and it showed the first company in partnership with another company, but everything in the contract had the first companies name. This was all Saturday.

Yesterday I began getting carrier onboarding emails from a third imo, which after a quick Google search was parent/sister/dba of the second company.

I emailed the guy I had been talking to at the original company about this but have yet to hear from him (maybe out sick or on vacation because he has always been fairly quick to respond before).

My question is this common? All of the carrier contracts are coming from the third company, and many/most say that that company is who will own the book and who will be paying me (not the carrier). Which makes me a little leery. I thought independent agents generally got paid directly from the carrier. Is it because I am new and have no history of producing? Or is that standard for health insurance?

At this point I'm not too stressed, I just would like to know who I am really doing business with. I researched the original IMO and was pleased with their reputation and what they said they offered. I don't know much about this other outfit.

Since submitting my info to the IMO Saturday the only info I have received is carrier contracts. Is that normal? No "Welcome aboard..." or "Next steps..." or "Be on the lookout for..." emails. Just contracts.

Obviously I don't know anything, that's why I'm asking here, to see if I'm just being overly cautious and need to just blindly move full steam ahead.

Again, thanks for any help you can provide!
I'm surprised that nobody chimed in, hopefully you are situated by now. The whole insurance business is like a legal pyramid scheme with all the darn intermediaries. Getting paid by the carrier is usually best but sometimes it's not an option or not as readily available. Gotta do what you gotta do but always try to get paid directly from carrier.