Generalist or Specialist?

Thanks for some great insights from everyone.

As for myself, I'm retired.
Been out of the game 3 years, a little bored, wanting to get back in
by working 3 days a week, more if I'm having fun.

Money isn't my motivation, but my wife loves to spend it,lol.
I don't have any pressing financial issues, thanks to being debt free
and conservative.

Sold mostly life, back in the day.
Moved to be closer to the grandkids.
Not interesting in trying to go back and roll business, unless maybe
it was a term conversation.

I thought the DI ideal was appealing, but was surprised that Rousemark
idea of cancer insurance was one that I wouldn't have come up with that held merit.

Lots to kick around, thanks.

How would you market cancer insurance, if you were starting from scratch?
As LifeHawk said, have a scrpt, knock on doors, endless chain and would probably do more small payroll groups.

Q I had a friend that would go into small towns and go down the street calling on businesses. He would present to the owner and then ask if he could speak with the employees. He didn't do payroll, evertng was individual bankdraft. Less problems that way when people changed jobs. His motto was one in the morning;1 one in the afternoon. That was his goal and most days he acheived it. I wish I had followed in his footsteps.

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