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Mister Blister

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Good morning to everyone. I am looking for some advice on getting an insurance license on my own. I currently work in the Financial Services industry and do not sell insurance but I want to get a license on my own in hopes to be better qualified for some of the better jobs out there.

I have many Securities licenses but no insurance licenses so I'm not even sure how the processes are similar/different. If anyone has any pointers, advice, direction, cost expectations, etc. on what it takes to do this without the help of an agency or employer then I would love to hear it.

Thanks in advance!

If you can pass the 7 test I'm sure you will not have much of a problem with any insurance test. Here in TN it's a two day course for Life only and the proctor test was a joke.
I'm pretty sure I can pass the test (famous last words) I'm just not sure how to schedule an exam, who to call, stuff like that.

Currently I live in Nebraska. Is it possible to live in one state and be licensed in another? The securities licenses I have are standardized so all the states accept the same exam. You then just have to pay to be licensed in each state in which you do business. Is insurance licensing the same way or does each state have it's own test & requirements?

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