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Agent Outfits

The first, no.

The second, The Producers Alliance, is the "non-stop money machine" ad I referred to when I asked everyone about the AmeriValue Plan.

So far, the response on the board has not been favorable for AmeriValue. I have let it go for now. Would be interested if anyone had a "real" opinion based in fact. REally does sound too good to be true!
From what I picked up on the web site, The Producers Alliance looks like the main health product is GTL (I know that they have a 4th quarter carryover and unlimited physical therapy). I am already appointed with GTL but they are only useful price wise in Southern CO. I also know that the underwriting is tighter than I would like.

JR - give them a call and rattle their cage (you know that you have fun doing that). Let us know what you find out.
That producers alliance looks like a better outfit. I like well-dressed, articulate sales mgrs and if this product has the provisions, I'm in.

Need to see the sample policy and check on them weasal clauses, but if they fly.....i'll be selling by and by.

Hard to find exciting products anymore.
I wouldn't worry about that am Best rating.

Everytime I've been skunked by a company, it was an A rated one.

I have even seen A rated co's sunk...like Executive Benefits,

and back in the late 80's or early 90's AM Best was found to pad the ratings for their generous contributors to the Best Review mag.

Yeah, who pays? The best rating out there is the one from Weiss. But few pass the muster .....
Policy Doc - Might be interesting to see if they require you to drop the companies you are already appointed with. If they are going to provide you with leads (based on production), I don't think they would want you offering other choices.

The red flag is talking about all the money you can make (300K). I have yet to see any company worth its weight that advertises using that method. You have been around long enough to know the pitfalls and junk traps - Be careful out there.
aye Brocko....lot of scam operators out there. Don't think those leads are free until you generate some income, but i'm interested in the quality of the major medical.

I looked at various tabs on that website, and they represent a ton of companies so it would be fun to know how this works : captive or broker.

None of these maj med insurance is what it used to be. Limits, gaps, High premium, etc.
Anytime I see a website talk about making 6 figures in your underparts a Red Flag comes up.

Thus far I have come across several issues regarding one of the managers of the group involving the IL and FL DOI. See attached for Larry Oberheu.

Their videos are an interesting take on selling insurance. I originally become tuned into the organization via an e-mail I received today (listed below).

Date: 7/23/2007 2:55:19 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
The Producers Alliance

2300 N. Barrington Road, Suite 400
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169



The Producers Alliance is on target to break $1 MILLION per week in total annualized production in September... and we're just getting warmed up!!!

The major factor that's driving our off-the-charts production and why we lead the nation in terms of income and production per agent... is the world-class training and millionaire mentoring regularly provided by Larry "The Ultimate Closer" Oberheu and Lewis "30 Out Of 31" Joseph.

In addition to being our National Sales and Marketing Directors, and National Sales Trainers... these are pound-for-pound two of the most awesome and prolific, mega-producing sales machines in the business!

You have an opportunity go online tomorrow, meet with Larry Oberheu, and learn about the hands-down best value in the individual major medical marketplace... bar none! You'll hear about our unprecedented money-where-our-mouth-is "$10,000 CHALLENGE"... and how we're able to quickly and easily eliminate our competition and dominate the marketplace.

As a bonus... Larry will show you how to incorporate our all-in-one, two-dollar-a-day, Dental/Vision/Disability, "Non-Stop Money Machine" into your sales arsenal and generate a multiple six-figure income stream in record time!

You'll be amazed at how much valuable and instantly useable information that Larry Oberheu is able to squeeze into a 45 minute time slot!


When: TUESDAY (tomorrow), July 24th at 6:00pm Central Time

1. Click on... wc.iboomerang.com/skin-iboomerang/join.jsp?p=3660202

2. Type in your name, email address and click on "JOIN"

3. Dial... (605)772-3792

4. Access Code: 3660202

Larry will conduct a short Q&A after the webinar.

Lewis Joseph will be hosting next Monday at 5:30. Details to come.

Be prepared to START THINKING BIG!!!

Mark D. Goldstein
The Producers Alliance

P.S. We're ready to launch some of our brand new, never-before-done, marketing strategies this week. Expect to hear about some enormous increases in production and income among our serious and dedicated inner-circle teammates that will be, to say the least... EXTREME!!!

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The Producers Alliance
2300 N. Barrington Road, Suite 400

Hoffman Estates IL 60169

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