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Another article on IUL

[EXTERNAL LINK] - Who should buy indexed universal life insurance? - Insure.com

While Barry is an "insurance consultant" -- and yes, he is licensed and does secure/place/sell insurance in certain situation, cases, etc. -- he does do a great deal of analytical, consulting, research, etc., type of work. Barry does focus on life insurance pricing, performance, and related research, and he is nationally known for his work. He was at the forefront of NAIC and industry rules to adopt and apply the Prudent Investor Principles to the life insurance industry, and specifically product selection, retain/replace, and administration and management of policies. Barry's written innumerable articles on life insurance topics, and has lectured/presented on the national stage and at national forums, conferences, etc.

I think Barry writes from a "consultant" perspective, orientation, etc., and he's very knowledgeable. Without question, his vantage point, views, etc., are going to be very different than that of an insurance producer -- vested interest aside for both -- he operates from a very different position and perspective.