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I remember when my brother and I were young and he went out and brought a Camaro with the T-Tops, remember them? Well, the insurance carriers would buy used body parts from anyone it seem, well needless to say that spurn a whole new industry. Yes thieves would steal the T-tops and then the insurance company would buy them back. Needless to say my brother's T-tops were stolen it seem on a weekly basis! No matter, the insurance guy would have them replace for around $500 dollars quickly and it started to seem as though my brother was getting the same original tops for his car. Oh well, some time goes by and the insurance companies finally figure something was rotten in Denmark! So they stop buying T-tops except from the factory, guess what happen? My brother's T-tops stop being stolen! Gee, it took them some time to implement that change, oh well everyone has to make a living I suppose. Sometimes you just have to think just how smart these companies really are?
Petrowski - "I like the concept. Anything that keeps consumers away from junk plans and agents coming over to slam them I'm all for. Couldn't be better if one day the majority of insurance was purchased by having client compare plans with a knowledeable rep."

Couldn't agree more.

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