Anyone tried ASAP Quotes for health leads?

We're offering a discount setup fee of $25.00, reduced from our normal fee of $35.00. Plus, we offer 3 levels of leads for your convenience:
  • Exclusive Lead - $20.00
  • Shared by 3 Agents - $10.00
  • Shared by 5 Agents - $8.00
I don't like that setup fee. See if they give you five free leads to try them.
#1: Can I pause the leads?

#2: How are your leads generated? Are they internet key words or do most come from an affiliate program. I did a Google search and don't see "asap quotes" on the 1st page.

#3: (they say they use affiliates) Can I see the type of advertising your affiliates do? Is it mainly email spam or banner ads?

#4: What's the credit policy for uninsurable, bogus contact info or people who claim they are not requesting quotes?

#5: How many leads are available to me?

#6: Do I have to sign any contracts that lock me in for 3 months or more, or can I cancel anytime?
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I know Carla personally, They use no affiliate source, and do not buy leads, the volume is lower than most, the quality, not bad at all, plus she is very generous on her return policy. This is a family run buisness, in Texas. You can pause your leads at any time, and you can cancel at any time, no committment. Have sold several of the Leads, and have had junk also, but got credit, will also credit a lead for any condition that a Major Medical company would not insure, to include HT and WT.
Thank you for the reply, guy's! It sounds like Carla has some integrity. I just want to know what I am buying. Any more feedback in regards to this lead company is much appreciated. I was thinking about starting with them and 1 or 2 other lead companies next week. I like the quality of insureme, but the leads seem to be worked much more than usual. I could get filted leads with them for $8. Reason being, my Dad has been usuing them for years and he is granfathered in. The leads he gets for $8 or being sold for $20 with all the filters that he has. He said that he would get me leads through him. I've tried so many lead companies out there and it has been quite discourageing because of the lack of integrity. It helps me to understand the client's frustration from dealing with mixed stories from various agents. You kinda get the felling of, who can you trust anymore??

Just a note. The owners seem very nice. Recently they have increased lead quantity through some partnership. I've had some Medicaid recipients as prospects who were looking for dental through Harmony, a managed care company that is contracting with the State public aid. I'm not sure how this happened and not sure if the owners know about it. Obviously I cut off my lead flow from them temporarily until I get a response.
The cost per lead is too high, these lead companies are way out of line with reality of the business. Internet customers are cheapo policies with limited retention as a whole.

$10 , $20 per lead is out of line when our voice mail percentage is running about 94.5% of our call volume.

I'll sell you a list of voice mail numbers for less than $10 / $20 per lead.

Negotiate volume at all levels but $10/lead to me is about the tipping point.