Are whole life policies dead?

They are not dead and I doubt they will ever die.

I sell them because people want them. You'd be shocked at the number of WL policies sold.
I recently saw a TERM TO 100 policy - which made me wonder what role this would impact WHOLE LIFE other than of course the cash value aspect. I guess the theory is no one keeps this policies to death anyhow, so you could do TERM to 500, and the lapse rate would be so high it wouldn't matter.

I guess my problem with Whole is it is expensive and in the early years it is a really not a good deal. You don't even tip the scale until WAY later, I just see better options other than letting the insurance company "invest" your money after fees, etc., etc.,

Of course the "whole" aspect and refund at age 100, is another story... I know some agents that mix small whole with large term, not sure if that is to get two sales or if that is a viable strategy.

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