Auto-Respond for leads?


I am setting up an online leads system, and I am modifying the Auto response, to sound a bit less... uh... auto responded.

My question is - based on the principles that
A. folks love to buy but hate to be sold; and
B. You are really selling YOU to the client,

What are the opinions for putting a general comment in the similar to;

"Carriers represented offer the following popular options and benefits:
- 10, 15, 20, 30, or even lifetime guaranteed rates.
- A death benefit that is guaranteed to stay level for the life of the policy.
- Discounts for spousal policies.
- Low cost rates for Preferred and Standard health categories."

This actually came in the "suggested format" - and I really just don't like adding such a generic blurb in there. I think this sort of thing is something that makes it sound like an auto response, and should probably be left for our actual conversation....

Any auto respond plan MUST be used in conjunction with a calling plan. You cannot be successful with internet LIFE leads if you do not call them right away. (I think Bob is successful with this in health, but that is a different story) The first part of the auto responder should really just tell them about what you want them to know before the first call. Once you have a lead that you cannot reach, you can put them into a different auto respond line and start to tell them about what you offer.
in my trial message - I thanked them, introduced myself - explained that I would be calling to confirm the data, and assembling the quotes based on what matches their needs.

The auto respond message that came with the setup included that blurb - and it sounds so "hard sell" to me.... I just wasn't sure to add it.
In four years of getting leads I've emailed every single on of them. The response from those emails have been around .00001%.

When I do my 4 to 5 apps a week not a single client I sign up had read my email. When I talk to prospective clients I say "I'll send you an email now then call you back tomorrow."

I call back the next day and they haven't read it - and I still sign 'em up.
I write very little life. So far this year I have written 5 applications which is more than double my entire production for last year. Believe I am on the way to be termed a "heavy hitter" in the life biz.

I dont work internet life leads but I imagine the same crap goes on there that you find in the health biz. You need to cut thru the clutter and get them to read your email which is not always easy.

Consider using something like this in your opening line.

If you do nothing else, take 3 minutes to read this email. I can save you thousands of dollars over the term of your policy and shorten the usual weeks of searching for the right plan for your needs.

Once you submit an application, underwriting will take 6 - 8 weeks at a minimum before approving your coverage. What is an extra 3 minutes in the big scheme of things?

Now that (hopefully) you have their attention, you can move forward to making your pitch.

First, establish some credibility by being straight forward with them

You are going to get numerous calls & emails from at least half a dozen agents bidding for your business. Your name & information has been sold at least 6 times (if not more) and some of the bidders are nothing more than telemarketing firms with agents that will continuously call until you buy, die or turn off your phone.

If you don't have their attention by now, nothing else matters.

Most online drive-by sites are set up to quote only rates that can be obtained by marathon runners. If this is not you, then read on.

Only the top 2% of applicants can qualify for super duper preferred rates. If you can stop a speeding train with one hand you might qualify for these rates.

The difference in super duper preferred rates and someone in good health but not ready for the Olympics can be as much as 40%. So what good does it do to waste time with someone who is only going to quote the best rate knowing full well you will never qualify?

By the time underwriting is complete you have wasted 2 months only to find out the final rate is almost double what you were quoted.

Here is where you tell them what YOU can do.

I have 10+ years in the business and I am local, not just some guy calling from a boiler room in NY trying to get your credit card number. I have all the major carriers at the same rates as those drive-by or telemarketing firms. You will pay the same rate whether you use my services or buy direct from a carrier or drive-by service.

So . . . you can spend weeks or even months waiting on a final rate, and listen to a bunch of folks saying anything to get your credit card and signature, or you can spend a few minutes with me and let me show you how to find the right coverage at the right price.

The choice is yours.

This is a variation of what I use in my letters. Use what you can and throw away the rest.

I will bill you later for this consult . . .
I signed up for the internet lead thing awhile ago - before I found this board. I think I would have focused on health - but "too late, so sorry"...

Somarco - great example. Please, just add your consult fee to my tab. Thanks.
Don't give up on Life Insurance just yet. If you follow up your email with a phone call, and explain some of the things that Som pointed out, you may do better than you think.

I write a fair amount of life insurance, although, admittedly, much of the business is from referrals or term policies that are expiring and need to be renewed (often before the ex. date!).
Chumps - oh I am not giving up - thats not an option. Feeling a wee bit of stress since my leads "go live" on Monday - it's like starting a new job...

I will definately follow up the email with a call - My intention was - that they at very least (if they read the email) would have "heard" my name - I am no longer a complete stranger. I am just not sure if I sure be cordial and friendly - or more informative... I know personally - I do nearly everything online, and when I get an auto email - I can hear the "canned" tone of it - very impersonal.

Somarco - I am very sure I couldn't - :)
Stan -

If you have a site, you might want to consider adding to it. Some folks I know use their service and a link to their site. They think it is helpful to show folks they are not just a "one tune" broker pushing one carrier.

I dont write that much and most of what I am doing now is with Genworth. I will show clients 5 quotes side by side (using software at ) and then manage to steer them to GW even if they are not the lowest price. I do this by talking about underwriting and queue time and how I can get more accomplished and in a shorter time frame with GW than the other carriers because of my reputation with them.

So far I have not had to go to another carrier because GW is competitive enough to make the cut.