Business Planning

I am building a business plan for a new agency focused on high net worth personal and medium to small business in Michigan. Does anyone know of a good source to get average premiums for those products?
Congratulations and best of luck. As asked before, what products will you be offering? Suggest you start by googling the products. For example, I googled Michigan General LIability costs and came up with some good numbers. Suggest you follow the same for the other lines of business you plan on quoting. I am a group health producer, know enough about P&C to agree that the market is a little unsettled right now. But there are still opportunities out there. Good luck.
Creating a business plan is a smart move! When I did something similar, I found that talking to local insurance companies or industry associations could help with average premiums. They often have data and insights that could guide you. Also, it's better to use small business crm for planning. Best of luck with your new agency in Michigan!
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