Can anyone give me info on Combined Insurance?

It seems like everytime I walk into a Farmer, they have an accident policy from Combined. Its not the best accident policy either. Definetly misleading policies. Thier lifetime benefit is pretty tricky.
I've done the Worksite part of their company, sounded good to start but ended up being just like Aflac...but a little more classy.

7E when I went through training in Chicago was where all the newbie agents were. You will be going door to door in rural areas selling their supplemental plans. If you fail at Aflac you will fail at this!! They do offer good training and support though, but once that's done good luck!
William Clement Stone (May 4, 1902September 3, 2002) was a prominent businessman, philanthropist and self-help book author. Stone is remembered for contributing $2 million to President Richard Nixon's election campaigns in 1968 and 1972—these were cited in Congressional debates after Watergate to institute campaign spending limits.
Stone himself was born in Chicago and was just 3 when his father died. He began his business career at age 6, when he started selling newspapers to help support himself and his mother. At age 16, he journeyed to Detroit to help out his mother at an insurance company she'd opened there. Soon, he was making $100 a week selling casualty insurance. Stone was soon a prime example of a character right out of the Horatio Alger stories, in which poor boys make good.

I never quite figure out these stories, ever read the story of Rockerfellor the old man? One day he has no money the next day he is buying oil companies. As in this guy, at six he needs to take a paper route to support his mother, next thing his mother is out there starting Insurance Companies, he must of done good at that paper route!:D
AON corporation is spinning off the Combined Insurance Division along with Sterling Life Insurance and the Olympic Life Insurance companies. The combined Senior Division in merging with Sterling Life Insurance effective September 1, 2007. All Senior Division agents must reapply to Sterling for their jobs. All your health benefits are through AON, so no one knows what will happen with them. Sterling is suppose to pick up all of the Senior products the Combined has been selling. Yes you have good training, but you will go door to door and travel, sometimes a week or more at a time. Been there done that....:policeman:
Its not a good thing in my opinion driving around meeting with Farmer Jim Bob who didn't know you were coming.

I had a friend who was the regional manager before I ever had an insurance license. He was the manager at a fast food chain the month earlier, now he was an expert on insurance as a regional manager? ok sure...

We drove around went to a camp ground, where "bubba" was out mowin' the lawn and mamma made us some sweet tea, did a presentation on some over priced whole / term combo life insurance it was horrible - I went outside and smoked a stogie with bubba while my friend tried closing a $50,000 term policy for $100+ mo or some insane amount... Bubba walked back inside and said "Honey don't give that man a check I need a new lawn mower blade..." wow...

It was like being in the twighlight zone.

I have no idea how this company is in business. I think my friend drove around and COLLECTED premiums weekly perhaps? He had a matrix of everyones pay dates? Too weird for me I ran away from that as fast as I could.

p.s. Haven't smoked in many years not even stogies... in case anyone caught that...
Clement Stone was a Chicago icon. I looked into a captured position in their worksites division. The recruiter had me meet one of their current agents to go on some appointments. He said the day we were to go on some appointments to meet me at a resturaunt. After talking to him for a while I got the impression he hated what he was doing. He had no appointments set up to go on. I decided if this was the best example they could show me, forget it. They have you put a deposit on one of their laptops,train you, give you some affiliation endosements(i.e. BBB, unions,ect.) and set you loose. It's basically cold calling and visiting local business owners and some existing clients .

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