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Cars vs health

Crabcake Johnny

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What if the entire car "world" operated like health?

Male age 45 drinks and drives - speeding down the road smashes into a fence and wrecks the car.

*$25 copay to tow the car home
*Deductible + coinsurance to fix the car; $20,000 worth of damage, client paid $5,000.
*Court date comes, $1,000 fine and $5,000 in attorney fees but the client ownes nothing. Already hit OOP for the year.

*Client gets caught going 80 in a 55 zone. Police officer writes out a ticket for $500 dollars but that doesn't matter since it's a $25 copay.

*4 months later his car blows up. Drove around for 3 months with the "check oil" light on. $25 copay for the tow. Replaced engine was $3,500 but the client doesn't owe a cent. Already hit his OOP for the DUI.

Car insurance company cannot raise his rates or cancel him.

*Next month he's doing 80 down the road again, this time the check engine light's on. And who cares since car insurance has to pay for it.
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Interesting scenario. If it occurred, the world, as we know it, would come to an end. Car insurance companies would stop offering coverage. The government would step in and offer Universal car insurance. Anarchy would ensue. Chaos (No...not the Maxwell Smart kind). Cars would be banned. Riots. Iran takes over the world.

Sorry. I got a bit carried away there.
14K a month unless you were low income, the you would have Medicaid Auto Insurance. Cost you nothing, raises our premium to 16K, but they are limited to where they could get their car serviced (like they care, as long as it was free).

Great Post. However, would they cover it since it was an illegal action?
Thanks for Referencing Agent 86

Chaos (No...not the Maxwell Smart kind).

Thanks for reminding me of that show. That brought a smile to my face. It was my favorite show when I was a kid. Then later when it was on NickAtNite, I was old enough to REALLY appreciate Agent 99 and not just for her comedic talents.

My favorite line was "Not The Craw; The Craw!"

Gotta go, my shoe is ringing.
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I always liked Laraby, the half man, half robot!

It would be cool if they had auto insurance that fixes your car if it breaks down! You pay a co-pay for an head gasket blowing or whatever. It would rock.