Census anyone?


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Good morning!

I am looking for a good census format. I was told that an individual named 'Bob' had a pretty good one posted here somewhere, but I am unable to find anything using the search function. I'm not sure which Bob it is either, as I have seen at least two user names with Bob in them.

Can someone point me in the right direction, maybe provide a linky to the post containing a census?

Also...how about if this site could somehow have a source for documents listed somewhere on this forum, where individuals could submit items they would like to share with us newbies? Maybe in the agent resources area?

Thanks in advance!
There are 2 Bobs here that post some good stuff! The census is from bob the insurance guy, and I know he has it posted somewhere, as well as hopsted on a yahoo group.
I cannot upload mine as it exceeds the size limits, because the logo is heavy. I will email it to you.
I have emailed you a copy, but as I mentioned, there are a few differences based on state and company.

MD is a guaranteed issue state, so all we need is the DOB, gender and zip code and we are good to go. The average age and zip determines the cost.

In many states, you also need to know the SIC code, or industry that they are in, along with some basic info about the overall health of the group. A few carriers in some states, also require home zip codes for every employee. This is a decent thing to get anyway, if you can, because it is easy to do a network comparison with that info.

When dealing with very small groups, perhaps the most important thing to ascertain is, are they legally considered a business? Do they file quarterly tax and wages statements, or quarterly unemployment reports? Do they have articles of incorporation, or bylaws?

Just about every state offers some added protection to groups, that are unavailable to individuals. Therefore, it is imperative that there be a legally established employer/employee relationship. without that requirement, what is to stop me from not having insurance, and then when I get cancer, just starting a "company" for the insurance?

I got burned on this twice before I learned my lesson! I took a group from a to z, they selected a plan, were ready to buy, cut a check and everything, and the submissions were canceled because they did not have appropriate documentation. I have since found that many mom and pop or guy and a buddy operations fall into this category.

Sometimes, when a prospect falls into this category, we get them to generate the requisite documentation, and they remain our clients. However, that is not always the case and knowing this info up front will save you a lot of time and effort.