Client Focus Connections


Has anyone heard of this company.

Here is their Web Site:

Client Focus Connections

I am going to try them because unlike many other telemarketing companies they do not require a huge investment to try them out.

With that being said, if anyone has any experience with this company please let me know.

I will post again if I try them and how my exp was.

I wanted to let you know that I used Cleint Focus and I thought they performed well. I learned about this company during a Teleconference call when I was an agent with Farmers. I signed up for the initial 3 hour $237 Introductory offer and it went well. I received several leads and will call on them a few months out. The best part was that the telemarketer called me right away on two companies that needed quotes right away. I quoted both and landed one for about $5800 on a Workers Comp policy. I will be quoting the rest of their insurance shortly so that one policy paid for the 3 hour session.

I believe this only works if you're going after Commercial Insurance and you'll have to produce a list yourself or pay them extra for the list. I will tell you that they didn't seem as organized when I tried them again. I think they really want you to sign an annual contract. I also noticed the # of calls dieffered greatly with different telemarketers. One other thing that I thougt was weird was that they called on the same customers muliple times without telling me.

The main problem with any of these companies is that you're just not sure whether or not their actually calling all of the customers. They do send you all of the leads in a nice format that you can use to fill your pipline and so I would probably use them again. I would just make sure you understand exactly what you get for the $$$ and make sure they aren't calling on the same customer list multiple times, unless you want them to.