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Anyone else marketing health through financial advisors. I'm securities licensed, but don't heavily pursue that business. I have about three relationships that I have started in the last year through current clients talking about me to their advisors and another I met at a CE course. I'm starting to write a fair number of group accounts and some individual business by referral. I split the business with them 60/40 and its win/win for both of us. Next month I'm getting invited into a 30 person group as the result of one of these relationships.

I'm always upfront with people and tell them I am securities licensed, however, I promise not to go after their clients. I've also sold some cases through a P&C outlet, but not nearly as many. Most seem to have an internal agent that specializes in that particular area. Accountants would seem to be another logical resource along with payroll services.
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I know some captive financial advisors already have a benefits team in house they pass all their health to. At least Northwestern Mutual did.