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I was adding it up last night and it would cost me at least $390 to send out 1000 mailings. How do the lead companies do it for $350 especially since they do the return mailing too? Is there a way that I can mail for less? Does anyone else do their own mailings for leads? How much does it cost you?
we do our own mails... we have a bulk mail permit and a BMR permit for the return. It still ends up costing because we personally print all pieces so there is toner and paper but that is the only way that we have been able to get a quality lead.
You get the bulk mail permit from the post office directly. There is a minimum and I want to say that it is more that 150 pieces mailed to same 5 digit, 3 digit, aadc or mxd aadc.

The costs for us very depending on the type of mailer and the data source. We did it to get fresh leads that have not been sold every single way so we sometimes pay more even with that but we know exactly who sent them out... our agents like that
our luck has been that when the mail is a low cost, they are using old data and/or they are selling the lead to more than one person but I bet that you could get to their rates if your companies offer you free marketing materials.
Bulk mail is much cheaper, but, it also has a much lower open rate. When I get bulk mail at home, I throw it out, unopened. You saved a few pennies in postage, but you'll find your response rate will decrease as well.

To me, you have 2 choices. Use postcards, which carry a message and don't have to be opened, or, use stamps and make the letters look a bit more personal by at least using a stamp rather than metered mail.

The other alternative, is to follow up the mailing with a phone call. In which case, you want to send as cheap as you can, but you have to follow the do not call rules.

Would it work to send a postcard bulk rate? I am not looking for them to return the card I want them to call me., or I will follow up. I don't want to waste money though.
maybe. can't guarantee it will work out economically, but more people will see your message, since they don't need to open it.

Please note, this is my own opinion. I tend not to open junk mail. Some people do. At least with postcards, I'll glance at them as I throw them in the recycle bin, and in this case, it doesn't matter if it's stamped or metered.

You gotta figure out who your marketing to, and try a few different ways to see what works.


Postcards do not offer a bulk rate... let me rephrase, it is no cheaper than a letter with bulk.

We have had several companies that have told us that mailing bulk or stamping does not have any difference. We have not seen a difference in our mailing totals. Return has strictly to do with the area that you mail. I personally do not look at the postcards so but I will open a letter metered or not

Good luck
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