Does anyone else read Agent Sales Journal?


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I requested a free subscription to ASJ a few months back, and it has been really informative to me. I have contacted a lot of the advertisers, and it is how I found my IMO. I was wondering did anyone else get it, and what they thought of it?

I get it.

I read it.

I find it moderately useful. Both the articles and the ads.

Best of all it is free.
I like the sales journal better than most of the benefit magazines I receive; benefits selling, life insurance selling, senior advisor etc.
I get that and SMA, and Life Insurance Selling.

Get some good tid-bits here and there. The price is right.

I get Emails from Brian Kay all the time about web meetings. What is he selling?
Brian Kay is the CA$H College Funding crap. Basically it's a shell operation for an FMO (Tim Austin, Pamela Yellen, Jeff Paul) to sell life/annuities, all kinds of stuff. Brian sells the "system", then refers over to Tim to sign up for the FMO (tim's the guy who has sold something like $743,000 every year for the last 6 years, don't know why the numbers don't change) and then there's another affiliation with a college funding service center.

Pamela Yellin is into the Infinite Banking Concept....
I used to read it. I picket up some great ideas. I found it to be much more interesting then most of the crap published for insurance brokers like "brokers world" ( a lot of great useless content), read it if you wish you could sell insurance.
speaking of dennis tubbergen, i went to one of his meetings and he had a good idea but he wanted $50,000 to join his marketing concept and then $297 a month there after. He also wanted 40% of all sales you made with his concept.