Errors & Omissions in Florida

I'm looking to get appointed with BCBS in FL but they require E&O in their request form. I wanted to get E&O anyway, but now I need to get covered quickly. I have less than 3 years experience and I'm not yet appointed with Assurant/Time or Great American (for the discount from agents-eo/Affinity). Then there's NAPA... costs = $201.60 down + $57.50 monthly + $2.50 monthly.

What do you think are my best options?

A couple of quick questions/observations....

I have been producing health insurance in Florida (from Jax all the way to Key West) since '93.

Do you need E&O to get appointed to sell BCBSFL group, or are you joining one of their "contracted general agencies" to sell group and individual (this is the only way to be able to sell their IFP)?

Your contracted GA (if selling individual) should have E&O for you.

For what it's worth...

Time/Fortis/Assurant/Time is not competitive in Florida individual plans. From their rates and marketing, they are only interested in STM business.

What the hell is "Great American"? Never heard of 'em - not even on my radar.
Yes, E&O is a requirement for BCBSF group. At least according to their forms for sole proprietorships. I don't have a GA for their group - would you happen to know of one?

I agree that TIME is not very popular down here and the Great Am (GAFRI) thing is just what I've read on this board as a means to discounted E&O through NAPA.