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This might be old news, but I just found out yesterday that Google has free website design. I'm about as tech stupid as they come and created a site in about 20 minutes - nothing was easier. You choose a template and actually designing the site, links and pages is ridiculously easy - and free. I know there's things like Front Page and other web publishing programs but I can't even navigate that.

Go to:
Google Apps

Click small businesses bottom left
Click compare editions and sign up on right
Click sign up under standard edition
Enter in your domain name - if you don't have one you can get one anywhere

You obviously need a domain and host. However, if you have $6 for a domain name and whatever it costs for basic hosting and you, like me, wouldn't even know where to start with designing a site then this is for you.
Office Live from Microsoft also offers free websites with a free domain.

The email with office live does not forward emails-which is problematic if you have a blackberry or any other mobile device to retrieve your emails. Simple way to solve this would be to get a forwarding service such as ForwardLive - Email Forwarding Services (There are other forwarding services as well) and set up a free gmail account for the service to forward to. Set up that gmail account on your blackberry and your good to go.

Gmail would be entirely free however, I have read that office live has superior visual appeal and web site design. In addition you get a free domain.

Chumps - yes, you give them your domain information and you're off and running. When even I can design a complete site that shows you how easy it is.

Agent - another great suggestion and I'd research both. One problem with both seem to be they will not let you see their templates until you link your domain to them. Also, Office Live wants your credit card to sign up for their free website stating that you'll never be charged. Well, if I'm never charged why do I need a credit card. Google doesn't ask for card info.
They "need" a credit card to verify that it is you - since this a business service they want to verify you are who you say you are (probably some liability issue).

They say on the website that you will be charged $1 for verification of identity...and thats what I was charged, no more.

I went with Office Live because of the free domain and, from what I read from reviews, their superior design features. If I already had a domain, I probably would have just gone with google.
John (or anyone)... Ok...As an example. I own It is currently "parked" so I get a few bucks per month, but not much.

As far as I know, I do not have a host. After I do the Google Apps...I guess I would need a host. Any suggestions on who to use? Or does Google offer it free?



By the way John....if only the Ravens could play like that every week...
If I understand what your asking - yes, I believe both options, Google apps or Office Live host the site for you for free.

Please don't forget that sometimes "You only get what you pay for" If you'd like to visit my site, at the bottom of the home page there is a link to a great hosting company with all the tools you'd ever need to build a site. Very easy and with a very good price.