Graded Benefit Final Expense


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Who has the best rates for a graded benefit on Final Expense? Not gaurantee issue.

Also, Who do you guys use for your regular Final expense. I am thinking of using Monumental? Any bad things about them? THey also have a nice fast start recognition program.

I have a client that is insulin dependent diabetic. Is there a company that would be best for diabetics?
Oxford will accept insulin if they started using after age 50. I have yet to find anyone with lower rates. American Amicable is also a good choice - they also have a graded policy.

I work with a G.A. in Northern California. Good guy and knows the market. He represents a bunch of carriers.

Graded Benefit

Columbian Life has some pretty good rates and from my experience they beat American Amicables; but you can almost pretty much cover almost anybody with AA. I wrote a lady that had full blown aids on american amicables graded policy. As far as final expense rates go though no one right now beats Oxfords but they are little more tight on the underwriting.
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In NC no graded life can ask ANY health questions. So the only one I know of that I can offer is Presidential Life... I wish I had more options:skeptical:
I'am glad i found this site because of information like this. Oxford has the lowest final expense rates i have seen in Florida. I'am going to get appointed with them.Could you tell me what's the top GA contract they offer?