Great Lakes Cluster/Aggregator?

Hey All:

I’m one of the (seemingly) many captive agents here that’s looking to understand pieces of the process of jumping into the world of independence. While I have a basic idea of the steps that need to occur overall - the biggest thing I’m coming up short on is what aggregators/clusters are regionally tailored for someone like me in the Great Lakes (GL) area? I’m in MI specifically, but plan to utilize my network in the broader GL area while I wait for my 2yr Non-Solicitation to expire on my current book of business. I’m looking for carriers such-as:

- Auto Owners
- Michigan Millers
- Michigan Insurance
- Fremont
- Citizens
- State Auto

I’m not sure if these folks only work through direct appointments or not - but figured I’d throw it out to the group if anyone knows. Also if anyone wants a few other quick-hits:

- What was your biggest struggle coming from captive to independent?
- How did you handle your non-solicitation agreement if clients called you asking to follow?

Appreciate any guidance that can be offered here. Thanks.

Hello, I am a 30 yr agent and have spent the last 20 years helping agents transition. I may not be able to assist you without knowing more, but will certainly attempt to give you options possibly elsewhere.

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