HBP Waivers

I hear what you're saying. I've had vague answers from them too on questions and definitely nothing in writing. However, there seems to be a different situation in GA with them. That 6 month wait on reproductive disorders language is not there and the HiBP rider is very narrow in the clients favor.
When GR returned to GA last year they came back with a lot of changes. This is not an association plan like in other states but individually filed. Underwriting is different (from before) as well. Even though the manual says they will increase the deductible by $400 for HBP they don't do that here.

FWIW, Time doesn't offer CSD's either.

The wording on all their riders is very tight, the way it should be.

Had a lady who was declined by a couple of companies due to STD. Seems she had one of the HPV stains that may cause cervical cancer. GR is the only one who would take her and put a rider on treatment of STD only. I was expecting a full cervical exclusion but was pleasantly surprised.

At my instruction the client even got a letter from the head of underwriting (or claims, can't recall which) stating that cervical cancer would be a covered expense should it develop.

That is what sold me on using GR and I still do for a lot of situations that are not a fit with other carriers.
Which is why it's almost impossible to have blanket discussions on health insurance companies. It's just too state specific. Underwriting is vastly different state to state as are the actual plans. Brochures are useless due to the state mandates. In MD GR is absolutely useless, however in states like GA Assurant is useless. Just depends.

The MD HBP riders are worded to the effect that no "treatment" of anything HBP related will be covered. Of course, an heart attack is "treatment".....isn't it? Well when GR themselves can't answer it in writing then I cannot have my client take on that liability. I cannot sell "well Mark it should be covered" to my client.

It was very nice they cranked out that cervical cancer letter to your client. That was the letter I wanted for HBP and cholesterol....that only doctor visits and drugs would not be covered and all over related events would be covered. Again, they would not send any such letter. What dismays me the most about that is they verbally told me "larger" events would indeed be covered. The unwillingness to back it up on writing puts a bad taste in my mouth.

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