In Texas - I can not think of one.

Maybe you can find a short term that accepts HBP, the RX and pre ex won't be covered but it might buy you some time.

Then you will end up arguing with the long term carrier if short term is creditable or not. It is a mess.

Every carrier I know is 6 months stable, no change in RX in 6 months, one carrier I know is 3 months but they are expensive.

Your client should have kept on the group despite the cost - if possible of course.
From my experience, the more recent the HBP diagnosis the less the chance for coverage. Recent discovery, even with aggressive treatment raises a red flag. If it was found and treated at least a couple of years ago, and it is well controlled with meds, it may be OK.
Some HMO's will cover him. I have used KP in Atlanta in these situations and they don't have the usual carrier 6 month provision.
HMO's are virtually non existent in the Texas individual market. In group they are around, although they are dinosaurs there as well.
If this client is looking for Life Insurance, I found that Fidelity Life Insurance company would cover this client on their Rapid Decision Term product (3 day quick issue, non-med) So long as the client doesn't have any other pre-existing conditions.

We can get this client Life Insurance coverage up to 200k face amount, again non-med, and done in only 3 days of underwriting!

Please call me so we can further discuss,

Lisa Wink (800-290-7226 ext. 117)

I thought Fidelity insured up to $300K?
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I guess your allowed to spam on your first post if your company has a sticky thread at the top of the forum...:err:

And when did life insurance even come up?

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