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Health Insurance Appointment


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I am having a hard time finding appointment paperwork online for health insurance companies... So far, GoldenRule is the only company I've found that allows for online application for appointment.

Anyone know of any other companies that offer this feature and am I looking in the wrong place?

Go to the company website, get their contact info, and call them. They will just email you the info. Most do not have an online appointment process.
It is not such a good idea to sign up online. It is very important for you to have a real live person that you can contact with any questions. Firstly, you can get the real answers about comp structure, bonuses etc from someone who has a stake in what you produce. Also, if you have a good relationship with your regional, they may throw you a few leads here and there, and in my experience, those are the best leads around.

There are many ways that insurance companies can show their appreciation to their producers, and you will have more access to them if you have a relationship with your upline.

This is a very important part of going independant, and you should take your time to do it right. You will never regret it.