Hello Again All


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Well, after a busy AEP and having a new born in the middle of it, I finally made some time to post (and relax).

Hope all is well out there. I have not read all the posts that I have missed since there is a page of threads in the senior forum alone.

At the end of this month, I will officially be an independent agent. WHOO HOO!!! What I am going to do now...great question. I have no idea.:arghh:
Hi and welcome back! I've missed your consistent posts and looking forward to hearing your valued opinions!!!

Congrats on the baby! Relax and enjoy....

Congrats on the newborn. If you're looking for an MGA to go through for life/LTC, let me know. I also work for a brokerage who works in advanced markets (premium finance, settlements etc.) and we're always looking for productive agents.

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